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Here at Greyhound action you can find the latest news about greyhounds. Not only do we write about various superstar greyhound dogs. We cover the latest greyhound races and give you insights into which dogs might be best to bet on.

Greyhound Racing is the second largest spectator sport in the country and there are greyhound tracks all over the UK, a list of these is available here. A range of bets can be placed on Greyhound racing, if you’d like to bet on a Greyhound race at any track in the UK you can open an account with an array of bookmakers and claim up to £1000 in free bets. Then, check out all today’s greyhound results.
The winner of the race is the dog whose nose first reaches the winning line and photo finish maybe necessary to determine the winner. Greyhounds cover 480 meters in aproximately 28 seconds.

This breed of dog is believed to have originated in Egypt where they have remained practically unchanged in appearance since the time of Christ maybe even longer. The Greyhound was used to chase after rabbits, hares, leopard and gazelle. They are a sighthound. Around 1836, racing Greyhounds started in England, and is still continued today. There are more Greyhounds running on the track than there are Greyhounds kept as family pets.

Is racing safe?
Yes. If a dog is injured the track has a Vet and is equipped to attend to the animal straight away. Prevention of injury is a top priority and the industry has funded extensive research into methods for ensuring the safety of racing greyhounds while they are competing

What do the Greyhounds chase?
They are chasing a mechanical lure. The lure is generally a stuffed rabbit attached to a bar that travels around the track. The lure makes a noise as it circles the track and the greyhounds chase the lure by sight and by sound.

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